About the sources of images and texts

All photos, videos and texts on our website were created or acquired by Andenweine and by people commissioned by the company.

The photos of the wines were made available to us for use by the various importers whose wines we market, as well as by the respective wineries. 

Many of the images used to illustrate the notes and sections of our site are Andenweine's own, and their use is protected by copyright, so please refrain from using them without consulting us. 

Some of the images used and suitable for presentation come from "Unsplash" (unsplash.com), "Pixabay" (pixabay.com) and "Pexels" (pexels.com). The use of photos from these sources is free of charge for private and commercial use.

Some of the texts on our website are authored by Andenweine (e.g. in the sections "Wine Guru", "End of the World") and their use is protected by copyright. In those texts where this is indicated, the sources are mentioned at the end of each text, with the name and/or a link to the source if possible. These sources can be individuals, companies, wineries, as well as entities and organisations related to the promotion of the Argentinean, Uruguayan and Chilean wine industry. 

The descriptions of the wines may belong both to the different importers whose wines we market, as well as to the technical data sheets that the wineries themselves share on their websites. Likewise, before uploading the information for each product, we research and confirm that the descriptions are appropriate for each wine. As wine is a product that changes over time, it is understandable that some aromatic or taste descriptors are not exactly the same as those described. 

Whenever a wine appears with an award-winning wine icon, it is because we have corroborated this information with each of the wineries or with the different importers we work with. In all cases, we indicate whether a wine is an award-winning wine as long as it is the same vintage as the one we sell in our shop. 

Andenweine.de and the suppliers we work with cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content published on this site. 

This also applies to links to external sites (e.g. wineries or other organisations promoting the wine industry in South America). The owners or publishers of externally linked sites are responsible for their own content.

If you have found any images or content that you consider to be your own or for which you believe you own the exclusive rights, please contact us at info@andenweine.de.